About Pixelogic Media Partners, LLC


Pixelogic Media Partners, LLC provides technology solutions to the entertainment industry. We are responsible for helping Hollywood Studios and content owners to get their content to global audiences by providing all language services including scripting, subtitling, access services and dubbing. Our products and services span the digital spectrum, from enhanced extras packages promoting digital purchase to physical disc authoring.

Our clients include major Hollywood studios and dozens of independent studios. To date, we’ve delivered thousands of titles to iTunes, Google, Netflix, Amazon, and others. We’ve created a large percentage of iTunes Extras titles available on the App Store, developed the specification of and delivered the first Cross-Platform Extras titles, authored more than eight-thousand DVDs, two-thousand Blu-rays, as well as award-winning tablet and mobile apps.

Experience start-up momentum with us and be part of building innovative solutions to service our clients in the entertainment industry with their media distribution needs. Join us if you’re passionate about entertainment, innovation and customer service excellence!

Job Description:

To support our new Digital Cinema and other departments, we are seeking a Lead Data Specialist who manages the day-to-day activities of all data entering or leaving the facility in the form of physical media or electronic transmission, and ensure that all security protocols are followed when dealing with sensitive material.

In addition, the ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of the transmission methods and workflows used widely in the media industry. This person should have knowledge and experience with various physical media formats including films, drives and tapes. They should be highly motivated, possess a flexible attitude and adapt quickly in a fast-paced environment. They must able to work as part of a team that deal with changing priority and workloads.

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